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Art Gallery? Gas : Art Space

Art Gallery?  Gas : Art Space

In our never ending quest to keep you up to date on the ever expanding Gerrard Street gentrification we came across a sign in a window at the NE corner of Gerrard and Woodfield that looks like an art gallery opening. Does anyone know anything about this? The sign says Gas : Art Space. A few more cool shops on gerrard and even the Queen Street hipsters will allow us Northerners to be part of Leslieville?

Gas Art Gallery Leslieville


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  1. Hello,
    My name is Joanne FIlletti and I am the director of Gerrard Art Space, or GAS. The official opening is Saturday April 14th, 2-7pm, with a show of paintings by local artist Max MacDonald. . We are in th eprocess of creating our blog, website and a facebook page.
    GAS is is a membership based gallery. Art courses will potentially run in the evening.
    If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please leave a note or contact me at:
    Thank you for your interest.
    Joanne Filletti

  2. Ben Ferguson

    Joanne – Thanks for the info. We would love to check out the opening. I live very close to the space! Please let us know when you have your website and blog together we can plug it on this site!

  3. Hi Ben, the website for GAS is underway but in the meantime, please visit our blog at We will also have something up on Facebook shortly so be sure to look for us there also. Thanks.

  4. The blog is up and running and we now have a Facebook page. Please have a look and click ‘LIKE’ to help spread the word!

    The renovations to the space are almost complete and we are excitedly awaiting our opening on Saturday April 14th. Please check in with both the blog and the Facebook group for late breaking news and info.

  5. GAS is thrilled to announce that Nicola Maquire, an award winning early childhood educator and visual artist will be holding art classes for children aged 2 to 14 in the gallery.

    Times and dates are still to be announced. For more info, please visit Nicola’s website at:

  6. Just a reminder to please join us this Saturday April 14th for our grand opening reception featuring new work by local Leslieville artist Max MacDonald. Both the artist and gallery owner Joanne Filletti will be in attendance.

    Hope to see you there!

  7. Last weekend to see New Work by Max MacDonald at Gerrard Art Space. Please drop in and say hello!

    Roadtrip: Photographs by Jim Lambie opens on Wednesday May 2nd. Opening reception on May 12th.

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